Welcome to this astounding world of books!

This world is specifically designed to meet the expectations of young readers like you!

We at Vichakshan understand that your world is changing rapidly. Your ways of gaining information and gaining knowledge are notably different than that of your parents or teachers. You are vivid readers but you prefer online content. You are conversant with current best sellers, and you are well informed about our rich literature too. But we understand you like your reading material to be easily accessible and sharable too.

We have designed this platform keeping all these things in mind. You will find this application to be very user-friendly. Let us take you through all the features step by step.

Free for all

This application is available without any cost to students across India. You can start with the hassle-free registration process. All you need is a valid School/College ID and AADHAR card. That’s it! Once you fill in all the required details, a Login ID and Password will be generated. You will require these credentials to log on to this application every time you want to access this eLibrary.

Access Books at ease

Once you are loggedin you can access variety of books based on your interests. You can search them by name of author or publication or name of the book itself.

You can borrow up to 10 books at a time. In case you want the 11th book, you can surrender any 1 book from your account and borrow a new one.

Stay good, Be good

Please note that these books are intellectual property of the publication, and hence we have blocked capturing screen shots, copying text or downloading hard copy of any material on this platform.

You will always need to log in to the application for reading borrowed books. Are you ready, then?! Let’s start!

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