Let us understand the business model of this initiative.

This initiative is funded by Corporate Social Responsibility program. Various organizations have generously donated through their CSR funds for this, one of a kind, program. Publishers are paid from these donations. Payments are based on page views.

Once a publication registers itself and uploads a book, it becomes available for the reader.

Based on the number of pages viewed by a reader, publication is paid. Payment per view is decided and agreed upon with the publication while registration. When a reader completes 85% of the book, the publisher becomes eligible for a payment.

For example: –
Consider a scenario where reader “A” starts reading a book containing 100 pages. S/he completes 90 pages out of 100. As reader has completed more than 85% of the book, publisher becomes eligible for payment.

Assume that per page view rate agreed with a publisher is 10p. Then for the 90 pages that user has read, publisher earns 90 x 10 = 900p = 9/-

Now, if the same book is read by 15 such readers then (assuming they all have read 90 pages) that book generates 9 x 15 = 125/- for the publisher.

Please note that: –
1. Reader will not be able to download any hardcopy of the book. Hence, piracy of the eBook is prevented.
2. Copy-pasting content from the book is disabled. Hence, duplicating the authors’ work is prohibited.
3. Screenshots are blocked while the application is running on the screen hence capturing screenshots of the pages is banned.

Buying Options: –

If publication desires, they can also provide the reader with buying options. Web link to the third party e-commerce websites or publisher’s own website can be provided with the eBook.

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