The world around us is changing, so are the reading habits of this generation. New digital technologies along with changing expectations of readers present a huge challenge to the publishers.

This generation expects easy access to the current literature. They need options to choose from a wide range of authors. They are used to having access to unlimited information at their fingertips. Hence, it is necessary to adapt to the new technology and present them with the options that they can relate to.

Publishers should take efforts to connect with this generation. If this generation associate themselves with a publication at young age, they can become potential readers of that publication for long time. Hence, it is important to engage with young crowd by reaching out to them using online platforms.

Vichakshan foundation has started a program named “Read India Mission” that works as a  bridge between publications and young generation. This program is specifically built for the students from all the schools and colleges across India.

To understand how this initiative helps publication connecting with young minds, please visit following pages.

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