Wise men say you become what you read. This is especially true when it comes to our young generation with highly impressionable minds.

Reading is such a hobby that can change a person from within. Books can fill young minds with creative ideas. Books can open doors to the world of adventure, unknown cultures, unheard stories and unsung heroes. It not only enriches your linguistic skills but also brings wisdom from every part of the globe.

Unfortunately, in today’s digital world, we are so busy in accumulating information that we are forgetting to acquire knowledge. Culture of reading few pages every day is slowly fading away. Our young generation relates more with the world of social media than with the world of books. For a generation where things change with a lightning speed, reading hard copy of a book is not convenient also.

So, should we just give up on this changing lifestyle? Or should we mend our ways and introduce our GenNext to this immensely beautiful world of books?

Today’s reader, tomorrow’s leader!

Keeping this in mind, we at Vichakshan Foundation decided to do our bit to engage our young minds in something much more productive than the virtual world of social media. Rather than forcing them to quit their screen time against their wish, we have simply created a digital platform that helps divert that time to something much more constructive.

Read India Mission is about providing students a digital platform where they can read a vast variety of books without any constraint of location, time or institute they belong to. We have created an eBook Library that has books from variety of authors, publications and genre. Our web application gives any student across India free access to this collection of books.

Any student can register and become a member of this eBook Library, completely free of cost. All they need is a valid School ID and Aadhar Number. Within a couple of minutes, students will get access to a wide range of books that they can read anywhere, anytime they want.

We urge parents, teachers and schools that they introduce their children to this student friendly application. Together, we can help cultivate reading culture in this generation.

Please join us in this noble initiative – “Read India Mission”

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