India is the fastest-growing economy
in the world.

It also proudly owns the title of having the largest youth population in the world. That itself imposes a huge responsibility on the shoulders of this nation and its citizens. It is immensely important that this section of our population is provided with the best possible education and opportunities. These young minds are going to be the path-breakers as well as policymakers of our mighty nation.

Reading plays an important role in shaping their minds. Books can impart wisdom from around the globe. It can help students in various aspects like vocabulary, comprehension, communication apart from learning about the subject.

But in the world of digitization, reading a hard copy of the book is gradually becoming obsolete. Younger people choose the convenience of eBooks over the fresh smell of paper books! eBooks are popular among this generation for obvious reasons. eBooks neither have storage issues nor maintenance issues. They do not have any location constraint; you can read from any place at any time you want.

Vichakshan decided to adapt these changing trends and use new technologies to encourage students into reading. Vichakshan has developed a unique concept where students across India can read a vast variety of eBooks without any cost. This program is called Read India Mission. This initiative is specially started for students from schools and colleges. This also helps publishers to connect with the students at young age.

This platform allows publications to upload their books. Students can register on the application and borrow up to 10 books. They can access these books from any location at any time.

Publishers are paid based on page views. Publishers are paid using donations made under Corporate Social Responsibility.

To understand more about how your organization can participate and donate to this noble cause, please visit the following page:-

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