Vichakshan means wise!

A wise person is always a well-read person, a person who has deep understanding of his surroundings, a person who can analyse all the aspect of a given situation and draw his own conclusion. Such person is always well informed and aware of the diverse perspectives. Such person can lead mankind to a greater cause.


Vichakshan Foundation is on the mission of making our young generation “wise” as we see them as leaders of this great nation!

Vichakshan foundation was established 1.5 years ago.
It dedicatedly works for nurturing culture of reading among students of India.

We at Vichakshan Foundation sincerely believe that our children should be well read and well informed. Books can guide them, educate them and help them understand the world around them. It is our duty to provide them access to variety of books that gives them through understanding of any subject. They should be able to comprehend the subject matter beyond needs of their curriculum. They should be able to appreciate the knowledge that is far more important than merely scoring in exams.

We have initiated a project named “Read India Mission” that focuses on providing all the students across India free access to an online eBook library.


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